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 How To Join RAN Adiktuz Network using Hamachi

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PostSubject: How To Join RAN Adiktuz Network using Hamachi   Fri May 01, 2009 7:51 am

1. When you first run Hamachi for the first time, this small windows will first appear. There are 3 buttons below the screenshot.

First button: Power on
Second button: Create or join networks
Third button: Configure Hamachi.

2. First is you have to power up Hamachi by clicking the "Power On" button.

3. Create account window will open. Under the account nick name, enter your nickname. That nickname will appear when you join any Hamachi networks. Then press "Create". I use hamachisample as my nickname.

4. Once successful, this window will appear. The number above is your Hamachi IP. Will be different in your computer.


5. Next step is to join one of the RAN Adiktuz Networks. Click on the Second button below the window. The "Create or join networks" button. When you click it, Networking Menu list will pop up. Select or click "Join an existing network.." since you wanted to join RAN Adiktuz network. Then this window wil open.

6. Enter the network name then the network password then click on "Join".

Hamachi Networks:
**JOIN ONLY 1 HAMACHI NETWORK to give chance for others
RAN Adiktuz Network 1
RAN Adiktuz Network 2
RAN Adiktuz Network 3
RAN Adiktuz Network 4
RAN Adiktuz Network 5

Hamachi Password: 1234

7. Then you're done. You can now play/register for RAN Adiktuz.

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How To Join RAN Adiktuz Network using Hamachi
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